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Dewart, Charles R. --G3 Contractor (Anteon Corp) Charles.Dewart at
Fri Apr 20 08:45:13 PDT 2001

Greetings and Hi There,

Well,... Now that the big storm has passed for now.  We have some things to
do and think about.

It may be that not all of our archers can afford this added expense of being
a combat archer.  What to do?  There are several choices here: 1) Say to
heck with it, with or without colorful adjectives, 2) Spend what you had
before and have somewhat less to play with, 3) Spend more to have as much or
more than before.

I hope no one picks #1.  Personally, I refuse to give them the satisfaction.

Items 2 and 3 we might be able to help each other out on.  We as a group
have to for all intents retrofit all our existing stock of arrows and bolts.
Why not we as a group pay for this, or at least help everyone out some?
What I'm suggesting is we do auctions to buy the UHMW that will be need to
do these retrofits.  May be not all but at least a big chunk of it

There would be some details to work out to be sure.  But that is admin
What I'd hope would happen is every combat archer would sign up and say how
many sticks of UHMW they'll need.  Don't be shy about it this is a group
thing.  Then, after each auction, we'll divvy it up as even as possible.  It
will work out.  

Having some auctions to raise additional monies to pay for this will do
several things also: 1) easy the burden of complying with this (Anglo-Saxon
word deleted here) rule, 2) show we are resolved to be here, 3) maybe make
some space in the closet for some more arrows.  :)

This is not a raise money for Gilli move.  If there's some UHMW left over
after we got every one else taken care of, cool; but not before.

I think Academy of the Bow would be a great place to have one.  But I'm
pretty sure we'll need more than one.

One thing to make sure is that the auction be held by an individual, not a
group.  Please don't ask; but what if the person just keeps the money of the
such.  I can't believe I event thought of that.  The reason is it just gets
too complicated if a group does it.

So, what do you all think?

Ask your group if you can hold an auction.  Even if the event we hold it at
is just before GW XI, there's still next year.


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