ARCH - Our Greatest Test

Brown Chass dwarvenhome at
Fri Apr 20 21:14:04 PDT 2001

lol good idea Gilli
I had intentions of each event I attend to set up my
Stocks and for 3 bucks lock your friend or enemy in
for 5 min or 5 bucks for a pic... and then me half the
proceedes into 3 areas.. 1) loaner armor  2) Combat
ready Arrows and 3)Ammunition for my OMG Trebochet for
next gulf wars.
And if we could hold auctions like they are for the
black star then mayhaps we could generate some major
cash for the retro since it appears we are going to
also have to modify not only arrows but crossbows and
bows as well.

Sincerely Charinthalis Del Sans

Get a taste for religion... Lick a witch.

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