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Brown Chass dwarvenhome at
Fri Apr 20 21:18:57 PDT 2001

Yo Gilli count me in... I am a chain maile artist and
make other types of armor. When ya go to have a
Auction lemme know I will volunteer stuff off and on.

Sincerely Charinthalis Del Sans
> Items 2 and 3 we might be able to help each other
> out on.  We as a group
> have to for all intents retrofit all our existing
> stock of arrows and bolts.
> Why not we as a group pay for this, or at least help
> everyone out some?
> What I'm suggesting is we do auctions to buy the
> UHMW that will be need to
> do these retrofits.  May be not all but at least a
> big chunk of it
> There would be some details to work out to be sure. 
> But that is admin
> stuff.
> What I'd hope would happen is every combat archer
> would sign up and say how
> many sticks of UHMW they'll need.  Don't be shy
> about it this is a group
> thing.  Then, after each auction, we'll divvy it up
> as even as possible.  It
> will work out.  
> Having some auctions to raise additional monies to
> pay for this will do
> several things also: 1) easy the burden of complying
> with this (Anglo-Saxon
> word deleted here) rule, 2) show we are resolved to
> be here, 3) maybe make
> some space in the closet for some more arrows.  :)
> This is not a raise money for Gilli move.  If
> there's some UHMW left over
> after we got every one else taken care of, cool; but
> not before.
> I think Academy of the Bow would be a great place to
> have one.  But I'm
> pretty sure we'll need more than one.
> One thing to make sure is that the auction be held
> by an individual, not a
> group.  Please don't ask; but what if the person
> just keeps the money of the
> such.  I can't believe I event thought of that.  The
> reason is it just gets
> too complicated if a group does it.
> So, what do you all think?
> Ask your group if you can hold an auction.  Even if
> the event we hold it at
> is just before GW XI, there's still next year.
> Gilli
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