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This should be a temporary measure. First we send a statement signed by as
many from the known world who would support the archers. Hopefully that
would be enough to convince the BOD that we are serious. If not then we
would have to follow through with the threat. Again as Gillie mentioned we
would request that the Marshals renew so that there would still be the
necessary organization in place to continue archery, both static and Combat.
If this does not work in the long run and the BOD is determined to squash
Combat Archery then each of us would have to act as their conscience
dictates. In your case after a period of time then continue getting people
to become SCA memberships. I do not wish to give up my membership but I do
not want my hands tied in battle by a rule that favor one form of fighter
for no good reason. If we are required to use this method of safety for the
fighters (anti penetration nocks) then how about we hobble the fighters with
a one foot chain tied to their ankles the effect is the same they are safe
from us and we are safe from them.

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I have a big problem with this suggestion.  In the end you are not hurting
the SCA in whole as much as you are your local group and its members.  In
smaller groups such as cantons and shires, the loss of even one or two
memberships can have an impact on the group and jeopardize its status.  I
come from a shire, one that has aspirations of becoming a barony one day.
We are working hard and encouraging people to become paid members so that we
can realize this some day.  I am not willing to hurt my shire over this.

Exechequer, Shire of Fynnon Gath
Archery Marshall, Shire of Fynnon Gath

> These are good ideas to get our position across to the fighting community.
> Here is an idea to get the point across to the BOD. All Archers and those
> who would support the Archers should sign a statement to the effect that
> they will not renew their SCA membership if these rules are put into
> We can still play but SCA will be deprived of a fair amount of cash flow.
> family alone is worth four memberships.
> If we are going to fight use the weapons that hurt the most.
> Show Me Where To Sign.
> Yours in Service,
> Iames Lochlainn
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