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Well, now... technically speaking I'd call Fiber tape on fiberglass a personal choice.  The Particpants handbook clearly says Electrical tape is acceptable for Fibreglass Shafts only.  I'm kinda partial to my Black and Gold Arrows.


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>Here is pretty good URL on constructing UHMW blunts.
>Now he advocates using electrical tape on the shaft and YOU should be using 
>fibreglass strapping tape.
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>"Dewart, Charles R. --G3 Contractor (Anteon Corp)" 
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>> I wish I had one to send you.  Perhaps someone else out there does.
>> Basically, what I was going to do was cut the stick into 1 inch section.
>> Drill a hole the size of the shaft 1/2 inch deep.  Round / bevel the other
>> side.  Then put what I call a battle smurf on it.  A battle smurf is two 1
>> 1/4 dia. dics of closed foam with a 1 1/4 inch dia. leather disc on the
>> front (I won't put the rear one on there now because of the UHMW).  The
>> combat head is tape so that the tape forms a cone behind the head.  Besure
>> that the distance from where the string rests to the back of the taped cone
>> is not more than 28 inches.
>> Gilli
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