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Fri Apr 20 22:36:12 PDT 2001

I give my 2-cents on both the below Tape vs Tape messages at the same time.
Remember everybody has opinions and I probably have more than most.

Yes the complete participants handbook says that electrical tape can be used
for fiberglass shafts and the Society Missile combat rules say:

"7.   The shaft of the arrow shall be spirally or longitudinally wrapped
with plastic
     tape, such as electrical tape, Mylar, or strapping tape, totally
covering the surface
     from the front of the fletching to the tip of the shaft. The tape
should be strong
     enough so that if the shaft should break, it will still be held
together. "

The Society rules do not differentiate between wood and fiberglass in
regards to taping and they consider electrical tape and strapping tape to be

The Society rules also say that a single loop of electrical tape over the
face is considered sufficient to hold a Baldar Blunt in place.

Now, MY personal opinions here.

Electrical tape isn't sufficient to hold a Baldar in place and if the Baldar
comes off then the result is plain and simple deadly.  I think that
strapping tape needs to be used and I think there needs to be two pieces at
right angles.  Alternately a good quality epoxy to secure the Baldars to the

While electrical tape by the rules might be allowed on fiberglass shafts I
always felt that if something happened that was severe enough to break a
fiberglass shaft then there was no way electrical tape was gunna hold.

Now, do I think tape is really required on Fiberglass shafts?  Probably not
in regards to breaking because if you break a fiber shaft then tape probably
aint gunna do any good.  What the tape does do is keep fiberglass fragments
and splinters from piercing hands while handling, inspecting, etc.

Now, why  do *I* think you should use strapping tape?  The real simple
answer is direct observation at this moment.  I have some fiberglass shafted
Baldar Blunt arrows in front of me at this moment that are a couple of years
old.  The electrical tape around the bases of the heads is starting to get
brittle, the edges are starting to curl, and the glue is weakening and it is
coming unstuck.  The fiberglass strapping tape on the shafts is still going

Yes, the multicolored electrical tape looks cool.

Always In Service,

Lord Eadric Anstapa
Coastal Regional Archery Marshal, Ansteorra
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> Yeah, let me ask about that.  That has always puzzled me.  I know you need
> to sand it a bit so the glue for the fletches will stick and perhaps some
> for the nock and head, but the middle?  If you don't sand there, why would
> you need to cover it.  The only way these things break is when there are
> lying over a hole and a big dude steps in that same hole on it.  Or is it
> because the rod sheds fiber particles on its own.
> Wood shafts needed the tape.  But do the fiberglass shafts really need it.
> Please bear in mind all my construction experience has been with wood.
> I know what the rule says.  But is it really needed?
> Gilli
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> Subject: Re: ARCH - UHMW blunt construction tips
> Well, now... technically speaking I'd call Fiber tape on fiberglass a
> personal choice.  The Particpants handbook clearly says Electrical tape is
> acceptable for Fibreglass Shafts only.  I'm kinda partial to my Black and
> Gold Arrows.
> Wilim

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