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Fri Apr 20 16:17:03 PDT 2001

I can think of several fighters in Central that have seen the light so to speak.  I'd be surprised if the people that are only CA authorized breaks 100.  I know offthe top fo my head that I, Stella, and Ironwyrm are all heavy archers, switching to sword when the arrows run out or the wall is stormed.

And Yes I will make at least on Arrow making party.  I genuinely appreciated being able to move to rear and get another quiver full during the battles I fought with sword and Bow.  I Shot somewhere between 60 and 100 arrows in each of the Fort Battles.  I'd like to have a Cache of a hundred or two arrows at the wall though.  I was picking off heavy's as fast as I could nock arrows.  The only time I wasted was in navigating my way to the backfield for more.  Either that or I need to find an archer that's lost an arm to run arrows back and forth for me.  I was untouchable until the walls got stormed. Bob, Weave, shoot.  Bwah hahaha.  I am an agent of Darwin.  Death to the slow of feet and mind.

I digress,  Suffice it to say that I've fought heavy with about every weapon style, and Bow is the most fun I've ever had standing up.


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>"Dewart, Charles R. --G3 Contractor (Anteon Corp)" wrote:
>> I wonder how many of those combat archers are heavy fighters who do some
>> combat archery?  And how many are combat archers who do a little heavy
>> fighting?
>At least 1....
>Sluggy, an authorized combat archer who usually ends up in the shield wall
>'cause he's comparatively immovable...
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