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>From what I have seen when Fibreglass shafts break they basicly break all the fibres and leave a 'tuft' of fibres on each end.  They will not break to a sharp point the way a wooden shaft might.  The electrical tape helps keep that tuft of fibres from out of someones eyes, belly, hands... it can be a real pain when the fibres get on you as anyone who's done insulation can tell you.  

It's like the rest of the safety debates.  Just be cause a broken shaft is unlikely doesn't mean we shouldn't protect against it, especially when there's a cheap, easy, solution for it.  Besides like I said  you can do some cool things with colored electrical tape and duct tape.

As to rounding the edges on the head off... some people have gone hog wild with it with out clear guidelines on how much rounding to do and basically presented a round impact surface.  Then they put the Smurf on it and it compresses down so much that it might as wel not be there.  

secure the Smurf with Fibre tape but trust it's strength around the shaft to hold it on.  Little to no compression should be applied to the CCF.

As for striking surfaces, after rounding the edges it should still have a minimum flat straking surface of ~1".

Wilim, Who has made a few hundred UHMW arrows.

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>Yeah, let me ask about that.  That has always puzzled me.  I know you need
>to sand it a bit so the glue for the fletches will stick and perhaps some
>for the nock and head, but the middle?  If you don't sand there, why would
>you need to cover it.  The only way these things break is when there are
>lying over a hole and a big dude steps in that same hole on it.  Or is it
>because the rod sheds fiber particles on its own.
>Wood shafts needed the tape.  But do the fiberglass shafts really need it.
>Please bear in mind all my construction experience has been with wood.
>I know what the rule says.  But is it really needed?
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>Well, now... technically speaking I'd call Fiber tape on fiberglass a
>personal choice.  The Particpants handbook clearly says Electrical tape is
>acceptable for Fibreglass Shafts only.  I'm kinda partial to my Black and
>Gold Arrows.
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