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Zippadiduda!!  That's a GREAT website.  If you haven't looked at it, please
do so.

Why wouldn't that pass?  If they've been using it and all we've doing is a
little bit bigger tube.  That's exactly what I was going to make.  

I'm going to get some and try it on out on some of my wood ones.

This will be good.  If the Silofex passes, and it should, then arrows
actually will become cheaper to make.  Folks could actually have more of
them for the same money.

Now wouldn't that be something.  By golly there is a silver lining up there.


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"Dewart, Charles R. --G3 Contractor (Anteon Corp)" 
> You're also assuming one of our Kingdom regs would get changed to allow
> to happen.  The one that require vanes which means at least two.  Now of
> course, if the Siloflex passes, rip that cock vane off and replace it with
> the Siloflex. 

I don't see that as a problem.  Just a few strokes of the pen.  Things are 
going to have to be changed anyway to accomodate this new policy ruling from

the SEM.  out kingdom regs already says  "Golf tube quarrels need not
vanes."  I assume this is because there was little chance of the GT entering

via a faceplate and that vanes were viewed as some sort of minimal APD.  

Since APDs are now required it makes little sense to require vanes.
APD is chosen it is going to have a minimum cross-section of 1.25" and be 
fairly rigid so I don't know that vanes would do any good if they were

The Siloflex tube is in essence a vane.  Several people doing testing have 
reported on the SCA Missle Combat list that they are MORE stable than an 
arrow with traditional vanes or fletches.  It seems that the tube is serving

as a ring airfoil which is perhaps better when you have a big bulbous head.

I believe the current thinking is no vanes and only the Siloflex.  For a 
design that has been in use in the Outlands look at:

Of course with the new requirements a larger tube would be required.

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