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Any word yet on the feast.  

Any word on what equipment you still need?  What toys do I need to bring?

Also see if Don Sabastian is avaliable then.  He does a really GREAT archery


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We'll folks time flies when your barony is doing three major events in 3
weeks and your planning time is during one of your barony's major events.

Anyway,  Academy of the Bow,  so far I have 5 whole classes with instructors
but topics for a few dozen more.

I'm arranging with KAS and Siege for classes in those styles but so far the
list I have for archery is:

String Making - Jacques
Basic Arrow making/Principles of flight - Kerrick
Comabt archery Tactics - Talon
IKAC & IKCAC Competitions - Gilli
String Making - Owen (That continuous Loop or Flemish?)

I've got a nice long list of things I'd like to see taught.  I know I've
learned something from just about every archer I've met so lets have some
new instructors up there teaching.  If need be I'll repost a wish list of

Let me know what you want knowledge you want to pass on.  Don't assume
what's obvious to you will be obvious to all.  I know of several dozen new
archers that will be at the event and are just waiting for a little
knowledge sharing.

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