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Well,I can bring the following:
1)  1 combat range; 
2)  enought stuff for 12 IKAC target, ie 2 at 20, 2 at 30 and 2 at 40;
3)  2 GP Medium tent liners-complete (only one could be used down at the
range if I'm cooking)
4)  1 portable kitchen if needed
5)  several kids bows


BTW when I send out all clear as the subject line from my home computer, it
is up and running

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No word on feast.  We'll be discussing it at Populace.  We won't have
any/many large meeting halls so I'll be relying on people to volunteer
Pavillions/tents that can be set up at the foot of the range for class
space.  I envision 3 walled classes and being able to move from theory to
shooting on the range in about 3 steps.  Also Life is good in Elfsea but we
only have one Range setup so I will be borring at least two more.  Other
than that Loaner bows for newcomers would be welcome.  I anticpate classes
on combat arrow construction as well as this new DAPD.  (think anyone will
realize what the first 'D' stands for?  Maybe GDAPDs?)

Springfaire and AoB are on Sebastian's 'Duty' weeks, but I am hoping his
missing Springfaire, coupled with the possiblity of another Hunstman Tourney
at AoB will mean he can beg off Duty for AoB and be there.

And as another note to Instructors,  Folks, I've been shooting a year and
have learned alot I could pass on to people so I know two things very
clearly in reference to Classes.  I COULD teach several of them,  there are
Dozens of people emminently more qualified to do that.


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>Any word yet on the feast.  
>Any word on what equipment you still need?  What toys do I need to bring?
>Also see if Don Sabastian is avaliable then.  He does a really GREAT
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>Subject: ARCH - Academy of the Bow Classes - Instructors needed
>We'll folks time flies when your barony is doing three major events in 3
>weeks and your planning time is during one of your barony's major events.
>Anyway,  Academy of the Bow,  so far I have 5 whole classes with
>but topics for a few dozen more.
>I'm arranging with KAS and Siege for classes in those styles but so far the
>list I have for archery is:
>String Making - Jacques
>Basic Arrow making/Principles of flight - Kerrick
>Comabt archery Tactics - Talon
>IKAC & IKCAC Competitions - Gilli
>String Making - Owen (That continuous Loop or Flemish?)
>I've got a nice long list of things I'd like to see taught.  I know I've
>learned something from just about every archer I've met so lets have some
>new instructors up there teaching.  If need be I'll repost a wish list of
>Let me know what you want knowledge you want to pass on.  Don't assume
>what's obvious to you will be obvious to all.  I know of several dozen new
>archers that will be at the event and are just waiting for a little
>knowledge sharing.
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