ARCH - Did I miss it??

Wilim Penbras wilim.penbras at
Tue Apr 24 14:03:49 PDT 2001

You can't wait 4 days for it? <G>

Would it be rude or rash of me to say I thought it up and had Kerrick's help making sure it would work well and eliminate 'Luck' as a factor suitably and still be period and fun?

Oh wait,  I haven't said what it is... running out of bandwidth...  Gotta gooooooooo...

Who is open to bribes. <G>

Assuming Fearghus has no problem with releasing the format I'll let it out after I talk to him so y'all can B*tch and Moan before the event. ;)

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>Greetings and Hi There,
>Would it be rash or rude of me to ask the Tuesday before the Royal Huntsman
>whta the format for the tourney is?
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