ARCH - Did I miss it??

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Is there a time limit to shoot your arrows?


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If the majority wants to know the format Bribes... erm Requests can be sent
to The Retire Early Fund, PO Box 123456789, Zurich, Switzerland.

Or you can read to the bottom of the page:

I thought about it.  Fearghus has enough to worry about these days.

Roughly, the format is:

3 targets.  
a Buck, viewed side on with three defined Hit spots
A ~8" Inner Diameter Wreath
a ~1.5" width Bamboo Wand

People have complained about being knocked out early so I tried to keep
everyone shooting to the end.  It has the drawback of not giving you that
final round head to head but the archers can shoot the entire shoot and
there could be some come from behind wins.

The three hit spots on the buck are rear haunch.  I was told to make this
negative as a hunter should never hit here but I made it worth 2 points

The belly/chest shot is worth 4 points.
A heart/lung shot is worth 6 points.

The wreath doesn't have any points for less than perfection.  8 points for
within the center of the wreath.  No points for hitting the wreath or
outside it.

The Wand is a bit more difficult a hit.  I think most people would agree.
It's 8 points for a touch (leaving a mark)  and 10 points for a split.  

Every archer in the first round is given 6 arrows.  they have to loose at
least one at every target.  they can then loose the remaining three at
whatever target they think they have the best shot of getting the most
points from.  (I can hit the wand but i might be better served taking the
Wreath as it's an easier shot just not worth as much as a good hit on the
wand.  If I'm shooting badly I can put a few into the buck and be almost
gauranteed of a few points.  

Next round same thing except with five arrows.  One in each target and the
last two in whichever target I want. And so on until in the forth round the
archers only shoot on arrow at each target.

Most points at the end of the day wins it.  In the offchance of tie then a
shoot off at the target of choice.

Sound like a decent day of shooting?

It doesn't address the precieved advantage some say Crossbows have at close
range but oh well,  we'll do it at whatever range seems fair and that we
have space for.


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>That's what I like about archery---the drama!!
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>You can't wait 4 days for it? <G>
>Would it be rude or rash of me to say I thought it up and had Kerrick's
>making sure it would work well and eliminate 'Luck' as a factor suitably
>still be period and fun?
>Oh wait,  I haven't said what it is... running out of bandwidth...  Gotta
>Who is open to bribes. <G>
>Assuming Fearghus has no problem with releasing the format I'll let it out
>after I talk to him so y'all can B*tch and Moan before the event. ;)
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