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I have a six arrow fletching jig.  The shaft requires a standard nock to use
the tool.  How would I use it with these new nocks?  Or is this exspensive
tool now useless.
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> No, we are not alone.  All are in the same quagmire we are.  There's all
> sorts of chatter about it on the Misslecombat list.
> If I can finish them tonight, I'll have some of my wood arrows with a APD
> that is being proposed and should pass at Elfsea's event tomorrow.  I know
> one thing, I'm not going to cut 2,000 of these things by hand.  Just the
> I did sucked.  While it can be done with a miter box and saw, you'll not
> want to do many that way.
> As to what causes what, at this point I don't think it matters.  That fats
> in the fire.  And we just going to have to live with the stink.
> Gilli
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>        Now that we have adopted these new missle requirments, are the
> kingdoms following suit?  Will we be the only kingdom with the super slow
> arrows?
>        I was standing next to and witnessed one of the eye injuries at
> War.  The ANSTERORRAIN fighter was stuck in the eye by an fiberglass
> crossbow bolt.  It had only two fleches and a baldar tip.  The bolt had
> struck his sword and wrapped around into his eyeslot.
>        So my other question is, which projectiles cause injuries?  Has any
> testing been done on the bounce back potentail of different projectiles?
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