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Dave Pearcy dpearcy at
Sat Apr 28 12:02:56 PDT 2001


I have been testing the 1/2 inch siloflex plastic ABD on my crossbow
bolts using various types of glue to secure the string that attaches the
ABD to the fiberglass bolt. Note: UHMW tapered blunt with 1/2 inch of
blue foam.
I used a 595 inch pound crossbow shooting at a piece of semi rotten
plywood from 15 paces.
        5 minute epoxy - 10 shots - no problems
        Bond-tite - 10 shots - no problems
        Fletch-tite - 6 shots - ABD peeled away and rode up the shaft.
At this point I published my results to various gentles who had
expressed interest. I though about it over night and decided I should do
more rigorous test.

Changed target to a hardwood board to simulate a shield:
        5 minute epoxy - 1 shot - ABD peeled away and rode up the shaft
        Bond-tite - 6 shots - ABD peeled away and rode up the shaft
        Fletch-tite - didn't try!

Conclusions: This system has potential but reliability rests on finding
a suitable adhesive that is strong but flexible enough to secure the ABD
and prevent it from riding up the shaft.

My next step is to wind some fine string around the bolt shaft then glue
it in place with Bond-tite. I will then remount the siloflex ABD on this
bed of sting and retest.

Any other ideas out there?


Lord Deicyn Moel
Acting Master of Arrows, Barony of Borealis

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