ARCH - Royal Hunstman Tourney & Academy of the Bow

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It's a little less than two hours for me to get there.  It's not going to be
much more with a trailor.  Well, it's there for the asking.  Just try not to
wiat till the last minute.  It takes me awhile to load the trailor.  I'm not
as fast at it as I use to be.


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Many or all of the Period Pavilions will be moved to other areas opening up
the entire area that held the lists.  It doesn't look huge with the trees in
place but there is 100+ yards and by my pacing of the area we should be able
to fit 9+ targets for upto 40yd shooting.

I'm still working out the details of what needs to be 'imported'  I do
appreciate the volunteering of equipment for range setup but I also know how
far you have to come so I'm checking Central Region first so we can minimize
how much has to be hauled more than 2.5 hours.


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