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Many or all of the Period Pavilions will be moved to other areas opening up the entire area that held the lists.  It doesn't look huge with the trees in place but there is 100+ yards and by my pacing of the area we should be able to fit 9+ targets for upto 40yd shooting.

I'm still working out the details of what needs to be 'imported'  I do appreciate the volunteering of equipment for range setup but I also know how far you have to come so I'm checking Central Region first so we can minimize how much has to be hauled more than 2.5 hours.


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>The format was OK.
>I didn't see much room for ranges.  Or did I miss it for all the trees?
>I'd like to shoot again.
>Please let me know what toys you want me to bring.
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>     I only help run the range but I came up with the shoot format.  Was it
>a good shoot?  We have our first Crossbow winner, but since the lead between
>shooters was less than the average point value for a single good shot I
>think it was close.  We had a 3 way tie for second and the Huntsman was only
>6 or 8 points ahead. 8 points was about the average value, given for hitting
>an 8" wreath at around 20yds.
>     What do we think of AoB at that site.  We will be removing about 6 or 7
>trees from around the roadway to open up navigation and help with larger, or
>trailered vehicles.  Parking will be marked off better and I will make sure
>everyone knows the site rules allow a certain amount of clearing in
>     I will have a place for the heavy fighters I have asked to attend for
>war practice to play while waiting for the melee area to openup to war
>units/combat archer/siege training.
>     Let me know what you think and would people that have expressed an
>interest in teaching contact me with a course description and if possible a
>brief outline.  Also I will need to know which instructors wish to compete
>in the next Royal Hunstman so we may plan classes around the Tourney.
>     If people have topics they would like to see or would like to see,
>including live steel and/or siege.  Please let me know.
>In Service,
>     Wilim
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