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Are there any nearby, or not so nearby, motels?  How 
about a map to the site?

Thank You,

> Greetings,
>      I only help run the range but I came up with the shoot format.  Was it a 
> good shoot?  We have our first Crossbow winner, but since the lead between 
> shooters was less than the average point value for a single good shot I think it 
> was close.  We had a 3 way tie for second and the Huntsman was only 6 or 8 
> points ahead. 8 points was about the average value, given for hitting an 8" 
> wreath at around 20yds.
>      What do we think of AoB at that site.  We will be removing about 6 or 7 
> trees from around the roadway to open up navigation and help with larger, or 
> trailered vehicles.  Parking will be marked off better and I will make sure 
> everyone knows the site rules allow a certain amount of clearing in campsites.
>      I will have a place for the heavy fighters I have asked to attend for war 
> practice to play while waiting for the melee area to openup to war units/combat 
> archer/siege training.
>      Let me know what you think and would people that have expressed an interest > in teaching contact me with a course description and if possible a brief 
> outline.  Also I will need to know which instructors wish to compete in the next 
> Royal Hunstman so we may plan classes around the Tourney.
>      If people have topics they would like to see or would like to see, 
> including live steel and/or siege.  Please let me know.
> In Service,
>      Wilim
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