ARCH - ABD Destructive Testing

Eadric Anstapa eadric at
Mon Apr 30 19:54:20 PDT 2001

From: "Dave Pearcy" <dpearcy at>
> Conclusions: This system has potential but reliability rests on finding
> a suitable adhesive that is strong but flexible enough to secure the ABD
> and prevent it from riding up the shaft.

The folks on the SCA Missile Combat list are reporting that tape seems to be
enough when done properly.  The person who reported success with adhesives
said he was using "Liquid Nails".

> Any other ideas out there?
> Lord Deicyn Moel
> Acting Master of Arrows, Barony of Borealis

Oh Yeah,  Kinda kewl a non-Ansteorran on the list.  Welcome.


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