[Ansteorra-archery] Sheer determination

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Listen!!!  Can you hear it??  What isssssssssss that sound?  Crickets???
Yeap, that's what it is.

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> Greetings My Lords and Ladies,
>   I have quite a tale to impart, a tale that took place at this last
> archery practice in the Shire of Middleford.  It seems HL Roger Bagley
> up determined to shoot an excellent IKCAC score to help the kingdom's
> average.  He wound up with a very respectable, and very hard won, IKCAC
> of 248.
>   Hard won?  How so?  Well, I'm glad you asked, here's what happened.
> his practice shots, the cordage binding that held Roger's crossbow prod in
> place decided it was time to part company with the stock.  Most
> spectacularly, if I might say so myself (huge grin).  Now, most folks
> be a bit put off by having suffered such a calamity.  Not Roger, he had
> to shoot a score and by golly he was going to do just that.  Roger shot
> 248 score with his crossbow prod lashed in place with, no kidding folks,
> MONOFILAMENT FISHING LINE!  The "cherry on top" of this whole odd affair
> that on the very last bolt, of the very last round, the makeshift
> monofilament binding let go with a glorious "Thwunk" and turned itself
into a
> synthetic hair ball.  In response, Roger calmly remarked, "yup, reckon I'm
> done".
>    All I can say is Ve Vot Roger, your perserverance in the face of
> was most inspiring.  It puts me in mind of a slogan I heard once; "Winners
> never quit, quitters never win".
>           Cheers All,
>      Robert of Yorkshire
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