[Ansteorra-archery] Motorcycle Wreck

Michael J. Harkness mharkness at hot.rr.com
Thu Aug 23 23:01:19 PDT 2001

Well Hi to all.
I hope to find everybody in good health.

Well , as things go. Same sh-- diffrent day.
I had a motorcycle wreck. I dumped my Goldwing and screwed it up. ME, I
screwed up my right shoulder again. Remember 2 years ago at Gothic. I did it
again. This time with road rash.
 will not be shootin awhile until I heal up. I am aksing for donations so I
can get back on the road again. I hate asking, but I can't work for awhile.
I can't get the bike fixed and pay the rent at the same time. So to all who
would like to send some 1, 2 or 3 pounds, here is my address.

M. Harkness
2904 Lawndale St.
Killeen, TX.  76549


Again, I am sorry for asking
But this Archer is in bad need to get my steed on the road.

More info later. the Demroal is wearing off and Percoset is calling.
Shoot more arrows for me and Hit your targets

Lord Tlon of Blackoak
P.S. if this offends anyone I am truley Sorry.
Chew me out later.

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