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Hello Sebastian -
That's a worthy sentiment -- but don't forget: this is an *international*
list.  "Our" independence might not necessarily be "their" independence!
-- Ygraine
in Carolingia, East Kingdom (mka greater Boston MA)
but has many Canadian friends, & a few others around the Known World

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To one and all;

    Happy Independence Day!!!!

    As you think about the days activities, barbecues, fireworks,
watermelon, parades, family gatherings boating etc please think about the
men and women who have made it possible.

    Think about the men & women serving in the military who are not with
their families today.
    Think about the men & women who have served their entire lives for
    Think about the men & women who left part of their lives, minds and
bodies somewhere else.
    Think about the men & women who died for our independence.

Please take a moment to think about them.

If you see a military member or veteran today please say thank you to that

In Service
Don Sebastian Frobishire

Msg Darr
136th Security Forces Squadron

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