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That is very true.  It brings to mind a girl I knew in college who went to
school in England for a time, where in her history class she was taught that
Benedict Arnold to be a hero.  I guess not all history books are written by
the victors.


Alden Drake

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> Hello Sebastian -
> That's a worthy sentiment -- but don't forget: this is an *international*
> list.  "Our" independence might not necessarily be "their" independence!
> -- Ygraine
> in Carolingia, East Kingdom (mka greater Boston MA)
> but has many Canadian friends, & a few others around the Known World
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> To one and all;
>     Happy Independence Day!!!!
>     As you think about the days activities, barbecues, fireworks,
> watermelon, parades, family gatherings boating etc please think about the
> men and women who have made it possible.
>     Think about the men & women serving in the military who are not with
> their families today.
>     Think about the men & women who have served their entire lives for
> their
> country.
>     Think about the men & women who left part of their lives, minds and
> bodies somewhere else.
>     Think about the men & women who died for our independence.
> Please take a moment to think about them.
> If you see a military member or veteran today please say thank you to that
> person.
> In Service
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> aka
> Msg Darr
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