[Ansteorra-archery] Help with Archery. - No local Archery Marshal

Subetei Usun subetei at usun.org
Mon Jul 23 17:07:44 PDT 2001

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Please excuse this clumsy and unorthodox attempt to acquire some help, but our local archery Marshall resigned and I am too inexperienced in the proper chain to know where to turn to.

I and other in our shire of Adlersrhue, Western Region are interested in doing archery.  I would like to have guidance from our regional archery marshal in the Western region, but have not been able to find the address.

I am in search of help to learn how to make bows, arrows, and to learn safety rules in order to be an archery marshal my self in the future.

If any one can help with either info or hands on, I would really appreciate it. I would be more than willing to travel for training  and some hands on if the distance is not too far for these old bones..

Subetei Usun
ICQ 122959349

Mundane: John Warner

"If you take care of the group, then the group will take care of you.  If you stand outside the group, then you may be fighting alone."

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