[Ansteorra-archery] Temporary relocation

Wilim Penbras wilim.penbras at pandora.org
Wed Oct 3 09:27:18 PDT 2001

I'm not sure how our ranks will thin if we keep sending the thin ones off to fight for us.  Without Sebastion I think the average weight of an Ansteorran Archer just went up by five pounds.

     Do what you were trained to do.  Do it well, do it efficiently and show them what it is to be an Ansteorran, American and an Archer.  I know you couldn't do it any other way.
     I'll have a candle in the window.  Try to resist the temptation to shoot it out when you get back.


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>Carry with you our prayers for swift success and safe return.    Our
>ranks shall be truly thin until you rejoin us once again.  Safe journey
>fellow guardsman, noble archery, and gentle friend.
>On Tue, 2 Oct 2001 22:49:26 -0500 "Archie/Sebastian" <sbstn at ev1.net>
>> My Fellow Archers;
>>      It seems that I will most likely not be submitting anymore
>> scores this
>> season.  The US Air Force has informed me this day that I will be
>> going
>> places that I cannot mention for a time period I do not know.  By
>> the time
>> you get this I will be on my way, hows that for short notice.
>> If I shoot in another Kingdom, does that count as an "away" shoot???
>>  And
>> just how far "away" can I submit scores from and still get credit???
>> Yours In Service
>> Don Sebastian Frobishire
>> Archery Champion to the Barony of the Steppes
>> P.S.   I am working on getting the Archery Champions pouch back to
>> Wiesenfeuer.
>> Sebastian
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