[Ansteorra-archery] Steppes Bowyers and Fletchers Guild

Cleek, James M. James.M.Cleek at abc.com
Wed Oct 3 14:57:20 PDT 2001

The Steppes Bowyers and Fletchers Guild will meet this Sunday at 4:00PM at
my home.
809 Morningstar Trail
Richardson Texas 75081
We will be working on Primitive Spine testers for those who would wish to
spine their own arrows. We will be working off of the instructions provided
on this web page
http://www.geocities.com/Yosemite/Falls/2474/spine/spine.htm and modifying
as we go. If anyone has a commercial spine tester please bring it so we can
calibrate the ones we build. I should have enough materials to build several
of these with the exception of wood if you have any spare 2x4s or good flat
1x6s please bring them. We should only need a few and home depot is right
around the corner if we need to go buy them.
As always there will be a pot luck so please bring something to share.
If you need instructions to the house please call me at (972) 680-1689 or
email me privately and I will send maps.

Yours in Service,
Iames Lochlainn
Steppes Bowyers and Fletchers Guild Principal

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