[Ansteorra-archery] Period Division or Not

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yep, sorry about not including that info. in the original message.   Iaen
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> Certainly you can submit 1 Royal Round score per division, per day.
> Our discussion was that if someone was shooting ONLY period equipment and
> shot more than one Royal Round score in a day (say perhaps a full period
> IKAC) then they could possibly submit 1 Royal Round score as a Period and
> the other as an Open division score since it is perfectly acceptable to
> period equipment in the open division.
> Since the period division is scored differently it would only be possible
> you were shooting at 5-color or 5-ring targets.  You would have to be
> careful and double-score each end making sure to record the "period" score
> for those six arrows and the "open" score for the same six arrows.  The
> scores are extremely likely to be different.
> Because of the scoring differences it is not quite as easy as Lord Iaen's
> message would make it seem, but it is possible if you are shooting at
> standard 5-color FITA targets.
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> >
> > Say there, what about open crossbow and period crossbow.  Seems to me
> > could be 4 per day.
> >
> > Gilli
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> >
> > It has come up in a recent discussion with Lord Eadric that it is
> > to submit two scores in a day.  This can only apply to archers shooting
> > one of the period divisions.  As most archers shooting an IKAC would
> 2
> > Royal Rounds shot, they can submit one RR score in the period division
> > the other RR in the Open division.  Another way would be to shoot 2 RR
> > declare one for the Period and the other for the Open.  For those of us
> > shooting only Open, we will still have to do the hard way, just one
> > submission a day.  Let me know what you all think about this.
> >
> >                                                               Iaen Mor
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