[Ansteorra-archery] Period Division or Not

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Well, I guess I miss read things, and perhaps still am.  Are we doing Our RR
thing differantly than the IKAC?  In the IKAC "If you shoot a period style
bow, you must shoot separately in Open and Period to enter a score for both
divisions."  I thought we had said earlier that you couldn't count the same
score basically twice.  So please unconfuse me.

BTW, how was the Bryn Gwald shoot?  And I'm eagerly awaiting those new
Kingdom Archery Rules.


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Certainly you can submit 1 Royal Round score per division, per day.

Our discussion was that if someone was shooting ONLY period equipment and
shot more than one Royal Round score in a day (say perhaps a full period
IKAC) then they could possibly submit 1 Royal Round score as a Period and
the other as an Open division score since it is perfectly acceptable to use
period equipment in the open division.


Since the period division is scored differently it would only be possible if
you were shooting at 5-color or 5-ring targets.  You would have to be
careful and double-score each end making sure to record the "period" score
for those six arrows and the "open" score for the same six arrows.  The
scores are extremely likely to be different.

Because of the scoring differences it is not quite as easy as Lord Iaen's
message would make it seem, but it is possible if you are shooting at
standard 5-color FITA targets.

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