[Ansteorra-archery] Period Division or Not

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OK, first lets make sure we understand the intent of Iaen's first post.
What he really wanted to do is remind people that even if you are shooting
"period" equipment you can enter scores in the open division.  "Period"
equipment is perfectly ok for use in the open division.

Now, on to the double scoring thing.  Iaen or I never suggested that you
shoot an end and use those scores in BOTH the period and in the open
division.  Any individual end may only be counted once towards a single
scored round in a single division.

However, if you are at the range, and you shoot more than single Royal Round
you can submit one RR score for a period division and another for the open

When you shoot an IKAC or a RR you do not have to do it from start to finish
without breaks.  You can shoot part in the morning, and part in the evening,
and mix other shooting in between.  You can go out and shoot a 20 yard end
and declare that it will count toward your period division and then before
moving on to 30 yards shoot another separate end and declare it will count
toward your open division.   You cant count the same end twice, it is either
an Open or a Period division end, but you can stagger the shooting of open
and period ends.

What brought our original discussion up was that we noticed that often
people will submit just open division scores one day and just period
division scores on others.  It seemed kinda odd to us that people would
spend a day shooting at the range with period equipment and only submit a
single score in the period division.

There is ofcourse one exception to the double counting of a round.  A round
may be submitted both as a Royal Round Score and as a portion of an IKAC
score.  Those are distinctly separate competitions and any single round may
only be counted once in either competition but can be submitted separately
to both of them.

Have Fun,

Lord Eadric Anstapa
Coastal Regional Archery Marshal, Ansteorra
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> Well, I guess I miss read things, and perhaps still am.  Are we doing Our
> thing differantly than the IKAC?  In the IKAC "If you shoot a period style
> bow, you must shoot separately in Open and Period to enter a score for
> divisions."  I thought we had said earlier that you couldn't count the
> score basically twice.  So please unconfuse me.
> BTW, how was the Bryn Gwald shoot?  And I'm eagerly awaiting those new
> Kingdom Archery Rules.
> Gilli
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> Certainly you can submit 1 Royal Round score per division, per day.
> Our discussion was that if someone was shooting ONLY period equipment and
> shot more than one Royal Round score in a day (say perhaps a full period
> IKAC) then they could possibly submit 1 Royal Round score as a Period and
> the other as an Open division score since it is perfectly acceptable to
> period equipment in the open division.
> Since the period division is scored differently it would only be possible
> you were shooting at 5-color or 5-ring targets.  You would have to be
> careful and double-score each end making sure to record the "period" score
> for those six arrows and the "open" score for the same six arrows.  The
> scores are extremely likely to be different.
> Because of the scoring differences it is not quite as easy as Lord Iaen's
> message would make it seem, but it is possible if you are shooting at
> standard 5-color FITA targets.
> Always in Service,
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