[Ansteorra-archery] Royal Huntsman Tournament at Academy of the Bow

Bob Dewart gilli at seacove.net
Thu Apr 11 05:25:54 PDT 2002

That's why I'm asking, because the person setting the format "didn't" say
so.  If it's IKCAC then any combat legal arrow is useable.  I don't think
that's what he had in mind.

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> Bob Dewart (gilli at seacove.net) said something that sounded like:
> >     1).    Since it's a IKCAC style shoot, where must the arrows be
> > legal?  I have a set that would be just             dandy in Lohac, but
> > by a long site in Ansteorra.
> Because the person setting the format said so. *grin*
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