[Ansteorra-archery] Royal Huntsman Tournament at Academy of the Bow

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I apologize for not being totally clear.  It will be an IKCAC style
target, not necessarily an IKCAC style shoot.  Arrows must be
heavy-combat Ansteorran legal (APD's required).  Archers must have at
least heavy leather gloves on both hands.  A gauntlet on the bow hand is
recommended.  No helmet is required.  Lord William Ironwyrm has
volunteered to bring combat arrows and bolts from the House Arkham
armory to loan out.

And yes, the bye is destructive.  Just ask those archers who fell to the
skill of his Majesty at the last Royal Huntsman tourney.  The current
plan [translated: everything in the SCA is subject to change] is to let
TRH's have the honor of first bye if needed.  If declined, I will shoot
the byes, or alternate, as needed until a former Royal Huntsman is
eliminated.  At that point we will rotate in a new bye, etc.

Lughaidh [LOO ee]

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Hey There,

A few questions:

On the combat shoot:
    1).    Since it's a IKCAC style shoot, where must the arrows be
legal?  I have a set that would be just             dandy in Lohac, but
by a long site in Ansteorra.
    2).    Is a helm required or the other armor as in the IKCAC?
    3).    Will loaner combat arrows be available?



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