[Ansteorra-archery] Newbie Archer seeks advice

Minar, Scott [PIC/BrenTX] Scott.Minar at picomponents.net
Wed Apr 17 09:48:45 PDT 2002

>1. Where to get equipment. Internet? Ebay? Anyone recommend any local
>(I am in Austin - Bryn Gwlad)

I don't have any good answers for you here (I'm new to archery as well).
I've bought a bow off of e-Bay that turned out well, but there's always a
risk buying something that you can't hold in your hands before paying.  I
would especially avoid buying a bow until you know what weight you're
comfortable with, and arrows need to be matched to the bow weight.

>2. What kind of equipment. I know I need a glove, arm guard, bow and at
>6 arrows, and a quiver. Suggestions on types, brands, styles, etc?

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