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Grettings and Welcome,

There's an archery shop there in Austin.  Archery Country, 8910 F-5
Research, Austin. (512) 452-1222.

You can use Ebay if you want or there are several on line places you can go.
Go to http://archery.ansteorra.org there are several links to other sellers.

I'd recommend at least a dozen arrows.  They break.

Alfred is your local Archery Marshal jfeatherling at austin.rr.com

I'm the Southern Regional Archery Marshal, not that that matters.

Happy shootin'


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Hi, I am Rose.

I am new to the SCA (since January) and very new to Archery. I have been
mainly pursuing cooking and textile arts, but am also interested in archery.
I am looking for some tips on a few things:

1. Where to get equipment. Internet? Ebay? Anyone recommend any local shops?
(I am in Austin - Bryn Gwlad)

2. What kind of equipment. I know I need a glove, arm guard, bow and at
least 6 arrows, and a quiver. Suggestions on types, brands, styles, etc?

3. Where to practice? As far as I understand, Bryn Gwlad is not currently
practicing archery, we lost our practice range on 9/11. Are there any other
groups practicing that I could hook up with? I think I heard maybe

I shot two Royal Rounds out at Academy of the Bow, one open with a 30lb (?)
'Scorpion' recurve (score 16), and one period longbow 50lb (score 14). I am
hoping to eventually get into Combat Archery as well, once I can accumulate
the proper armor and equipment (gimme like a year...)

Thanks in advance for your help!!

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