[Ansteorra-archery] Is there a rift?

Richard Threlkeld rjt at softwareinnovation.com
Thu Apr 18 23:36:55 PDT 2002

As a junior combat archer at Gulf War, I was impressed by the
capability of our archers in the battles. I was disappointed
in the leadership during the archery only battle, but overall
I think we did well. A few of the rules need to be fixed and,
as always, there were people who did not call archery hits
because they did not want to (as opposed to those who legitimately
did not know they got a good hit).

The most important rule change in my humble opinion was the
interpretation of the "archer touch kill" rule. I was in the
tower on the fort when I was hit in the metal gauntlet with
an arrow. During a subsequent hold, the archer who shot it
complained I had not called it and the War Marshal said if
I was hit anywhere by an arrow I was dead. I did not argue,
but the hit was on an area where no heavy fighter would have
called it leading to the strangeness of only an archer could
be killed by an archer with that kind of hit. I am also a
heavy fighter and would not choose to be a white diamond
archer normally.

During a prior to the previous hold, I had been firing
down into the crenellation effectively, but no one had
seen me in the tower. During the hold one of them looked
up, saw me, and punched his neighbor and pointed. They
then passed this on through the group who had just come
over the wall, through the wall, and to the archers on
the outside. One of them was the one who hit my gauntlet.
I have always been told it was dishonorable to use the
hold to gain information or use any information gained
in a hold.

Enough grouching. I believe the commanders see the benefit
of archers. Perhaps the rest of the fighters are less happy
in part because of the effectiveness of archers. Nobody
likes to be killed by a shot from nowhere without any chance
to defend.

In service,
Caelin on Andrede
> Greetings to the List from Sir Guy,
> I was talking with his highness the other day about a rift I
> perceive between
> the combat archers and the other heavy fighters.
> I could be wrong but I get the feeling as a whole that you all feel
> unappreciated as a whole.  Is this a wrong perception on my part?
> If it is no big deal, if it isn't, what are some of the things
> that you think
> we need to push as commanders to try and fix it.
> I can tell you that at least down to the Regional Commander level
> (that means
> Kein as THE General, and Drake and Alexis as well as myself)
> support and want
> more archer on he field with the rest of the army.  I think we need more,
> many more archers.  We made a lot of good leaps this year and I'd like to
> keep that going and build on it both in numbers and experience.
> So what do you guys think?  I'd like to know.
> Yours in Service.
> Sir Guy

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