[Ansteorra-archery] Is there a rift?

Bob Dewart gilli at seacove.net
Fri Apr 19 06:18:26 PDT 2002

I believe there is, otherwise we'd all have Lexan or mesh in our helms.

You, as a active duty Army officer, know the tremendous benefit of combined
arms operations.  However, at almost every opportunity, the heavy communitie
makes it as hard as they can to be a combat archery or siege engineer.

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> Greetings to the List from Sir Guy,
> I was talking with his highness the other day about a rift I perceive
> the combat archers and the other heavy fighters.
> I could be wrong but I get the feeling as a whole that you all feel
> unappreciated as a whole.  Is this a wrong perception on my part?
> If it is no big deal, if it isn't, what are some of the things that you
> we need to push as commanders to try and fix it.
> I can tell you that at least down to the Regional Commander level (that
> Kein as THE General, and Drake and Alexis as well as myself) support and
> more archer on he field with the rest of the army.  I think we need more,
> many more archers.  We made a lot of good leaps this year and I'd like to
> keep that going and build on it both in numbers and experience.
> So what do you guys think?  I'd like to know.
> Yours in Service.
> Sir Guy
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