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hmmm.  Sounds like a microfilm set-up is becoming a necessity here if we are
to allow non-members to play at all, hmmm?  (And just for the record, i am
Not in favor of excluding them, just finding an expedient way to handle all
this - cheap would also be good)


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> Another bit of paperwork required because of non members is at EVERY
> practice, waivers are to be done.  This is also true for EVERY fighter
> parties.
> So to get an idea of what this means.  There are well over 800 SCA groups,
> actually closer to 900.  Basically each group holds a fighter parties and
> archery practice a week.  Of course some do more, some do less, but it
> out.  So that's about 1600 - 1800 pieces of paper a week.  Plus you have
> waivers for the events per week. Around 2000+ sheets a week just because
> non members.  Add into that postage, cost of storage containers and cost
> storage and printing.
> Gilli
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