[Ansteorra-archery] Current TI

Bob Dewart gilli at seacove.net
Thu Apr 25 06:10:13 PDT 2002

Another bit of paperwork required because of non members is at EVERY archery
practice, waivers are to be done.  This is also true for EVERY fighter

So to get an idea of what this means.  There are well over 800 SCA groups,
actually closer to 900.  Basically each group holds a fighter parties and an
archery practice a week.  Of course some do more, some do less, but it evens
out.  So that's about 1600 - 1800 pieces of paper a week.  Plus you have the
waivers for the events per week. Around 2000+ sheets a week just because of
non members.  Add into that postage, cost of storage containers and cost of
storage and printing.


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