[Ansteorra-archery] Suggestions for next Years Gulf Wars-Combat Archery

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Tue Apr 30 10:20:34 PDT 2002

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Greetings Combat Archers of Ansteorra,

I hope everyone is do well!  Next years Gulf Wars will be upon us before we
realize it.  What I'm interested in is opinions and suggestions for
recruiting, training and organizing Combat Archers for next year.

*We all know that we need more archers,,, well,, how do we get them? and from
were?  In years past, there was a great deal of interest in Combat archery
from the Ladies of this fair kingdom.. many of them donned armor and
purchased bows.. however, we have lost many of them.  Any suggestions to get
them back?  Any other "pool" of gentles we can pool from?

( putting aside issues we cannot control,, ie,, ABD's, ect)

*Training... or lack of.  It is very difficult to train to be a combat
archer.  You can perfect your shooting technique in your backyard or archery
range,, but that doesn't make one an effective combat archer.  Only
experience in combat situations does that.. Working with other archers, with
shield walls and spear"persons" :)   And of course,, being yelled at by your
archery commander.

So.. answer,, do we need to encourage more melee events with combat archery?
Which events?

*Organizing the Combat Archers of this kingdom.  Well,, that's kinda my job.
I accepted the 2 year position of Ansteorra Archery Commander back in Jan of
this year.  Organization for this past Gulf was a mute point,, couldn't be
done in such a short time. Well, I've got a year and really want to give it a

Any suggestions?

We all know that to be a Combat Archer is a unique thing :).. a Love/Hate
relationship with the rest of the fighting world... so be it.  We need to
become a closer community.

In Service to the Combat Archers of Ansteorra and Her Crown,
Octavia de Verdon
Countess of Ansteorra
Archery Commander of the Army of Heroes

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