[Ansteorra-archery] Suggestions for next Years Gulf Wars-Combat Archery

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Yell loudly, a lady never yells she just talks in a tone that most males can
hear and understand.  I wish I could come with something new that hasn't
already been discussed.
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> Greetings Combat Archers of Ansteorra,
> I hope everyone is do well!  Next years Gulf Wars will be upon us before
> realize it.  What I'm interested in is opinions and suggestions for
> recruiting, training and organizing Combat Archers for next year.
> *We all know that we need more archers,,, well,, how do we get them? and
> were?  In years past, there was a great deal of interest in Combat archery
> from the Ladies of this fair kingdom.. many of them donned armor and
> purchased bows.. however, we have lost many of them.  Any suggestions to
> them back?  Any other "pool" of gentles we can pool from?
> ( putting aside issues we cannot control,, ie,, ABD's, ect)
> *Training... or lack of.  It is very difficult to train to be a combat
> archer.  You can perfect your shooting technique in your backyard or
> range,, but that doesn't make one an effective combat archer.  Only
> experience in combat situations does that.. Working with other archers,
> shield walls and spear"persons" :)   And of course,, being yelled at by
> archery commander.
> So.. answer,, do we need to encourage more melee events with combat
> Which events?
> *Organizing the Combat Archers of this kingdom.  Well,, that's kinda my
> I accepted the 2 year position of Ansteorra Archery Commander back in Jan
> this year.  Organization for this past Gulf was a mute point,, couldn't be
> done in such a short time. Well, I've got a year and really want to give
it a
> try.
> Any suggestions?
> We all know that to be a Combat Archer is a unique thing :).. a Love/Hate
> relationship with the rest of the fighting world... so be it.  We need to
> become a closer community.
> In Service to the Combat Archers of Ansteorra and Her Crown,
> Octavia de Verdon
> Countess of Ansteorra
> Archery Commander of the Army of Heroes
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