[Ansteorra-archery] Suggestions for next Years Gulf Wars-Combat Archery

Pug Bainter pug at pug.net
Tue Apr 30 16:42:02 PDT 2002

DAFPIG at aol.com (DAFPIG at aol.com) said something that sounded like:
> I hope everyone is do well!  Next years Gulf Wars will be upon us before we
> realize it.  What I'm interested in is opinions and suggestions for
> recruiting, training and organizing Combat Archers for next year.

  Opinions? I have lots of those. Are you sure you want them? *grin*

> *We all know that we need more archers,,, well,, how do we get them? and from
> were?

  I can not answer this question. However if we can find a good source for
  cheap supplies, I am more than willing to throw some money at that
  particular problem. This is what many groups did with siege engines
  and it is the least the archers and groups can do to help get more
  archers out there.

> *Training... or lack of.

  I think that working with your local unit, which many groups have now,
  is a must. Learn the commands, learn the same tactics the spear"persons"
  are using for snipping the aponents, become close with the unit so that
  you are part of it and not some gnat that is nearby irritating them.
  This is a good start so we aren't just in the way when a command is issued.

> So.. answer,, do we need to encourage more melee events with combat archery?
> Which events?

  Yes! Any and all melee events. I am truly sorry that I will be missing
  Siege of the City, but Paris does call me.

  What combat archers will be at Siege of the City this weekend?

> *Organizing the Combat Archers of this kingdom.

  There are many ways to organize them. I think the important things to
  try to do here are:

- A basic "do and don't" list
- Some method for figuring out which archers are with which units
- Some method for attaching "unattached" archers to units
- Some method to communicate to the units how to take advantage of their archers
- Identify good small units and tactics that work with an archer attached
  (Such as Shield/Spear/Archer and Shield/Glave/Archer units)

  This at least gets us started with the communication and idenfitication
  phase. After that there will be lots of tweaking and figuring out what
  does and doesn't work from where we are.

  If you need any assistance at all, just let me know. I will be more than
  willing to assist in any manner that I can.

> We all know that to be a Combat Archer is a unique thing :).. a Love/Hate
> relationship with the rest of the fighting world... so be it.  We need to
> become a closer community.

  But not insular. We need to be close with the other fighters so that
  they know us, trust us, and are willing to treat us like the threat we
  are. We should also talk to the War-Ansteorra Yahoo list and the
  Chiv/Centurians about how to make this something that will work.


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