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Sounds like a good process. We had someone who worked in the
department and I had gotten permission for the Boy Scouts
to do Archery and BB guns in the Arlington Parks. But that
was a specific permit. We asked if we could get a permit
every weekend (they charge $25 for the permit, but some of
the archers were willing to pay), but the city said they
would only allow one permit per year per group. It is actually
against the law to fire an arrow in Arlington without a
permit - even in your own back yard - though it is not
heavily enforced.

Caelin on Andrede

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> Greetings,
> Once again, I see the age old complain of not getting permission from
> the city that someone is located to conduct "combat archery".
> I will ask this question (it was asked before by someone else):
> "Did the heavy fighters get permission to train and hit each other with
> sticks (clubs)?" Think about it! The gathering of a group of people to
> learn how to swing a club and proper use of shields! This should be
> driving every police department up the wall. In fact, I met two
> Carrollton policemen and talked to them about this. Surprising enough,
> there was general acceptance! There was even a practice of SCA heavy
> fighters vs a swat team, with the swat team losing that the two
> policemen mention!
> The feedback that I have always gotten from other groups, was that the
> initial contact was by phone to the individual in charge within that
> city. And then permission was denied!
> What is interesting is that I and numerous others, both inside the
> Kingdom of Ansteorra and other kingdoms took the "I'd rather beg for
> forgiveness than ask for permission" philosophy! I was practicing combat
> archery first at Flag Pole Hill, then later at a park in Carrollton with
> no adverse effect nor being cited! This also applies to others in the
> known world. Time period from January of 2001 through October of 2001.
> What changed - a group of timid individuals were afraid of offending
> someone over something that had been occurring in that park in
> Carrollton for more than 6 months. This included having the Carrollton
> police department sending out two patrolmen to check out the SCA
> practice in that park during that 6 month period.
> So, after October 2001, I went and got permission from the city of
> Carrollton to conduct combat archery in a city park. Especially, since
> none of those timid individuals took it upon themselves to pursue this
> effort in working and practicing with heavy fighters for the future.
> It was an interesting, speaking with the parks department. One of the
> first questions I was asked "Why are you asking permission?" And the
> follow on question - "Is it dangerous?" I am getting ahead of myself
> here, the next four paragraphs describes how I received permission from
> the city.
> My approach was to just go down to the city, with actual combat arrows,
> photos of combat (i.e., Gulf Wars X Ravine battle), the web addresses of
> both of the SCA and the Kingdom of Ansteorra, plus the Complete
> Participants Handbook for the Kingdom of Ansteorra, the selection of the
> park I intend to use and how it is used during the time period, etc...
> in other words - I did my homework on the park that I intend to use and
> how it was being used! I first spoke with a assistant there and
> requested to see the individual in charge. I was informed that said
> individual was not in, but I could leave a message!
> I left a message, then proceed to showed/display all items that I
> had with me to that assistant. I left my phone number and got the
> individual in charge number in return.
> The main thing was to DE-emphasis that this is traditional archery and
> should not be consider as such. That there was no "live steel" points
> involved what so ever! That the so call "arrows" had limited range as
> well. Think about it, a combat arrow is typical USED at a distance from
> 15 feet to roughly 50 or 60 feet. Before anyone points that you can
> accomplish greater range than that, go back re-read that sentence.
> All of the above is how I presented my case to that assistant. I made
> sure that someone within that office actually did see what combat arrows
> within the SCA looked like before I left!
> It took one live visit, 5 phone calls, two e-mails, plus a third e-mail
> which was formal request outlining what I attempting to accomplish in
> that park, which also included photos of actual SCA APD's combat arrows.
> I have been in that park for almost a year now - with no problems.
> Michael of the Fray
> DAFPIG at aol.com wrote:
> >
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> > Greetings Combat Archers of Ansteorra,
> >
> > I hope everyone is do well!  Next years Gulf Wars will be upon
> us before we
> > realize it.  What I'm interested in is opinions and suggestions for
> > recruiting, training and organizing Combat Archers for next year.
> >
> > *We all know that we need more archers,,, well,, how do we get
> them? and from
> > were?  In years past, there was a great deal of interest in
> Combat archery
> > from the Ladies of this fair kingdom.. many of them donned armor and
> > purchased bows.. however, we have lost many of them.  Any
> suggestions to get
> > them back?  Any other "pool" of gentles we can pool from?
> >
> > ( putting aside issues we cannot control,, ie,, ABD's, ect)
> >
> > *Training... or lack of.  It is very difficult to train to be a combat
> > archer.  You can perfect your shooting technique in your
> backyard or archery
> > range,, but that doesn't make one an effective combat archer.  Only
> > experience in combat situations does that.. Working with other
> archers, with
> > shield walls and spear"persons" :)   And of course,, being
> yelled at by your
> > archery commander.
> >
> > So.. answer,, do we need to encourage more melee events with
> combat archery?
> > Which events?
> >
> > *Organizing the Combat Archers of this kingdom.  Well,, that's
> kinda my job.
> > I accepted the 2 year position of Ansteorra Archery Commander
> back in Jan of
> > this year.  Organization for this past Gulf was a mute point,,
> couldn't be
> > done in such a short time. Well, I've got a year and really
> want to give it a
> > try.
> >
> > Any suggestions?
> >
> > We all know that to be a Combat Archer is a unique thing :).. a
> Love/Hate
> > relationship with the rest of the fighting world... so be it.
> We need to
> > become a closer community.
> >
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> > Countess of Ansteorra
> > Archery Commander of the Army of Heroes
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