[Ansteorra-archery] Stargate's 30th Baronial Tournament

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The tournament will be held on September 14th.


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>Subject: [Ansteorra-archery] Stargate's 30th Baronial Tournament
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>Greetings Archers of Ansteorra,
>Stargate's 30th baronial archery champion tournament will be held on August
>14, 2002 at Camp Camwood. The tournament will be a head to head double
>elimination competition. The format will be as follows.
>Round 1: 1 end of 6 arrows fired at a period target face at 20 yds.
>Round 2: 1 timed end of 30 seconds fired at an animal target at 20 yds.
>Round 3: 1 end of 6 combat arrows fired at a combat target at approx 25
>The combat arrrows my be any legal Ansterorran combat arrow, or bolt. This
>means legal for chivalric or rapier combat. They do not have to be fired
>from a combat legal bow.
>Round 4: 1 end of 6 arrows fired at a 60cm FITA target at 30yds.
>All subsequent rounds will be fired at animal targets at unknown distances.
>The bye rounds will be destructive.
>I have not yet been informed of the tournament start time. I expect that
>tournament will begin shortly after morning court. I should have the start
>time whenever I post a reminder missive in a couple of weeks.
>For more information about Stargate’s 30th baronial event check the website
>Any questions concerning the archery tournament may be directed to
>carluccio at hotmail.com
>Note: I will be unavailable from August 10th – 17th.
>Yours in service,
>Lord Carluccio di Baia
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