[Ansteorra-archery] A Look Back at 2002

David Ruff dmruff1 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 3 09:40:25 PST 2002

Very well said -


with all do respect i am not a lord :) Just Ulrich of
Carolingia. Don't wanna take a title i have not earned
or make anyone mad :)

Ulrich of Carolingia

--- Timothy Rayburn <timothy at elfsea.net> wrote:
> >I'd hoped we'd be further along then this.  I'm
> very disappointed.
> >
> >Gilli
> >Shoot more arrows.  You're bound to hit something.
> With all due respect, Gilli, are you on crack?
> The Archery community in Ansteorra made such strides
> this year that I am in awe.  Shall we review the
> year 2002?
> First, and foremost, the Archery community has
> accomplished a goal it has been struggling to get
> for years!  The Arcus Majoris, instituted in January
> of 2002 by TRM Aaron I & Britta I has raised our
> kingdom's greatest archers to equal precedence with
> those greatest warriors of Rapier.  This is no small
> feat, and was in fact the FIRST discussion that this
> list ever took up, in it's early days.
> Second, the Royal Huntsman is not struggling to be
> held, but rather there are now arguements about if
> the Tourney was widely advertised enough.  The
> community has made many of the moves necessary to
> ingrain this into the expectations of incoming
> Crowns.
> Third, a successful and fairly well attended Academy
> of the Bow was held as an independent event.  The
> Crown Prince of the time attended and watched, truly
> watched, his Huntsman shoot that occured there.  His
> own son made the finals, obviously a man who
> encourages archery.
> Fourth, the Order of the Rose held an Archery
> tournament to choose their own Archery champion!
> The attention of this Order, who's very purpose is
> to forward genteel arts and behvaior, is not
> something to be taken lightly.  Their champion, Lord
> Ulrich, comported himself very well upon the range
> and wears that medallion with pride, and rightly so.
> Fifth, there will be an Archery War Point at Gulf
> Wars!  This is incredible, and beyound what even the
> most ambitous archery advocate might have expected
> at the start of the year.
> Sixth, the archery community has grown!  More people
> are shooting!  More people are having fun!  This is
> perhaps the most important step of all!
> We have not made great strides, and perhaps taken
> steps back in the IKAC and IKCAC.  But I doubt very
> much that if I promised you all of the above on Jan
> 1, 2002, at the cost of not being ranked at ALL in
> the IKAC and IKCAC that there is a single archer
> that would have turned down that deal.
> Rejoice, good archers, you are a growing force!  And
> while you are doing so, think hard about what you'd
> like to be on the list of accomplishments at the end
> of 2003!
> Timothy of Glastinbury
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