[Ansteorra-archery] A Look Back at 2002

David Ruff dmruff1 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 3 23:32:00 PST 2002

Wow, i am totally surprised at this bickering between
people that are supposed to support eachother on and
off the battle field. I RARELY get involved in these
types of discussions, i am not a polictical person and
rather just stay away from it. But damn gentalmen -
you guys are being down right nasty to eachother.

It is of my opinion that titles really don't mean
anything - infact, i hold more then afew in the SCA, I
think i am in the top fifteen IKAC scores in the SCA
in my division. I hold a 230 open crossbow score and a
211'ish period crossbow score in the IKAC. I shot a
102 high in the RR scoring with a average of 96'ish
for this year. I am un-deafeated at Canton site for
this year, and lost 2 of all the events i shot in. One
of those "losses" set a new Kingdom record for this
year in IKAC/open crossbow. I hold 4 defender archery
titles in 3 baronies, 1 shire and 1 Order of the Rose,
and one other win that i do not think was a defender.

Enough of the "patting self on back" what's the point
in that?

I am not part of the Arcus Majoris, i do not hold a
kings archer tassle, i am not AoA'ed - thats all gravy
to be earned later down the road ***IF*** it is ment
to be. I rarely sign with my titles, and WHILE I AM
VERY proud of my titles and achievments i have earned
while ***first and foremost having FUN*** - titles and
achievments ****DO NOT**** make the person - actions
do, both on and OFF the field. Thats what chivalry is
all about - or so i solidly believe. Is it not the
fun, that brought us all together anyways?

I see discussions of scores and ranks, guys, just once
have you studied the "competition" or the "enemy", i
mean dive in and study?. I know the East coast very
well, and while i know the whole knownworld is being
discussed i know the east is at the top. I used to
shoot semi professional archery on the east coast, i
also taught level 2 oylimpic style shooting to kids
and young adults for afew years. I know the shooters
there - both in and out of the SCA.

1: The east coast has indoor ranges that would make
basspro look like a mom and pop shop. Out to 60 yards
indoors. Indoor hunting 3D video shooting, target
shooting ect ect. All indoors, all open 5 to 7 days a
week, climate controlled, no rain and some even have
some pretty darn good bar and grills in em.

2: From a crossbow standpoint - the rules are totally
different. They shoot target crossbows pulling 85 to
150 pounds. They are allowed front and rear sights.
They shoot a target bolt that while has to be wood and
feather like us, are not like anything i have seen to
date here. I have afew, and they fly like no tomorrow.
99% of the crossbow shooters can shoot instictive -
aka - from the hip at 20 yards and hit atleast a red
ring every time in the speed round. In fact thats
where they will lose points cuz you can count on them
hitting gold at 30 and 40 5 of 6 times - every time.
Instictive shooting on the 20 is something i am only
learning and it works - 8 bolts in 30 seconds is not
something taken lightly on a crossbow.

3: From a bow standpoint, MOST - not all, but most bow
shooters there are hunters. They practice 2 to 7 times
a week for afew hours a day. Thier arrows rival
professional arrow making skills. Most of the bows are
tweeked and all of them are very dedicated to one
thing - X'ing the target everytime. From there hunting
experiances - they know distance recognition and know
what the bow can do. They shoot perfect form and they
do not play games when they do it. In the speed round
you can count on 9 to 11 arrows off and in a scoring
area - bar none.... To my knowledge, or atleast when i
was there - there was no combat archery.

4: Practice Practice Practice. You can not get better
unless you are out there shooting live arrows, there
is no other way. You should be out there at-least
everyother day, shooting a royal, paying attention to
how you are shooting, video taping it is a plus. 20
arrows in that practice should be with your eyes
closed to learn form!!.... On the off range days you
should be closing your eyes in your living room and
running drills on breathing, focusing on your
heartbeat and seeing the perfect shot.

No less then that will ever bring you into the 230+
IKAC score and/or a 90+ RR score on a regular basis -
bar maybe special training or an extremely lucky day,
its just not gonna happen.

In closing it seems to me to compare what we do here
with ANY other kingdom is like comparing apples and
oranges. Different rules will produce diffent results.
Lack of practice NOT competitions or wars will keep
"good" scores and war points from being posted and
earned. What is a "good" score anyways?. To me its not
about the score or that i hold this level or that
title. For me, its going out there and having a good
time with fellow human beings that share the same love
i hold dear to my heart. Its the thrill of being
scared to death in EVERY final round i have had the
honor of being allowed in. It's shooting against ALL
archers, no matter skill or level. Study is key,
practice makes perfect, and i do not think ANY of us -
can say we are as dedicated as the 230+ shooters out
there. Worry not what the other person is doing, worry
about what **YOU** are doing, everything else will
work itself out. Only a level playing field and
practice will ever allow any of us to complain we do
not rank like they do or win the war points all the
time like they do...........


Ulrich of Carolingia

--- Bob Dewart <gilli at hot.rr.com> wrote:
> You're right about one thing.  It's in the heart.
> Now just find where that
> is located.  And that heart IS on the range and the
> field of combat for this
> Kingdom.
> I'd be surprized if a third of them are still
> active.
> But on the other hand, all those who do have a score
> in the IKAC or IKCAC
> have a King's Archer or have been spoken of to soon
> get one.  Wonder why
> that is???
> Gilli, Primer King's Archer, Primer Arcus Majoris..
> and holder or more 1st,
> 2nd and 3rd place IKAC and IKCAC scores, both
> Kingdom and Society level,
> than I can remember, just since you wnat to use
> titles.  Those and a $1.00
> will buy me a Coke where I work.
> Shoot more arrows.  You're bound to hit something.
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Wilim Penbras ap Gurgeneu"
> <wilim.penbras at pandora.org>
> To: <ansteorra-archery at ansteorra.org>
> Sent: Tuesday, December 03, 2002 10:48 PM
> Subject: Re: [Ansteorra-archery] A Look Back at 2002
> > Gilli,
> >     You're wrong.  You apparently have no idea
> what so ever what it is to
> be
> > an Archer.  I've called you a friend before.  I'd
> like to still do that.
> > It'll certainly be easier than calling you an
> Archer.  If you shoot simply
> > for recognition and trying to climb on the "World
> Stage" then you may be
> an
> > archer, but you'll have a hard time convincing me
> you're an Archer.
> >
> > Folks,  please, take just about everything Gilli
> says with a grain of
> salt.
> > If you stand on the line in the heat of the sun.
> Pull strings until your
> > fingers are sore...   then you might just be an
> Archer.  I have no idea
> what
> > distinguishes an Archer from just an archer but I
> know it's not concentric
> > circles or a desire for world wide recognition.
> There are about 3 dozen
> > Kings Archers in this Kingdoms.  I'd be surprised
> if a third of them care
> > what our ranking in the IKAC/IKCAC are.
> >
> > Don't let Gilli convince you he can show you where
> the Kings' Archers
> grow.
> > They Grow in your heart and in your soul not on
> the Range.  You have to
> > sprinkle a bit of Competition work on, like
> fertilizer, but it doesn't
> have
> > to be Gilli's particular brand of fertilizer...
> errr, competition.
> >
> > Lord Wilim Penbras ap Gurgeneu, Esq.
> > Submitter of one Wintershoot Score, Three IKAC
> scores, Zero IKCAC Scores
> and
> > a Kings' Archer
> >
> > ----- Original Message -----
> > From: "Bob Dewart" <gilli at hot.rr.com>
> > To: <ansteorra-archery at ansteorra.org>
> > Sent: Tuesday, December 03, 2002 10:00 PM
> > Subject: Re: [Ansteorra-archery] A Look Back at
> 2002
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