[Ansteorra-archery] A Look Back at 2002

David Ruff dmruff1 at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 4 08:32:27 PST 2002

Well said Lady Gerita... well said....

BTW, for those who have not ever seen her shoot her
crossbow, she shoots it very well EVEN THO it pains
her to do so. I personally have all but cut her string
2 times and told her to go home - becuase she wanted
to shoot and was not in good enough health to do so.
So if anyone wants to blame her for not posting a
score - blame this marshal, becuase i told her no.


--- Carolle M Cox <hpockets at verizon.net> wrote:
> Guys, I'm sitting on the fringes here with illness
> and injury keeping me
> from shooting as often as i'd like.  I guess that
> makes me guilty of not
> participating, not practicing, and not advancing the
> Kingdom's standing.
> And i do not think i'm a good archer, either -- but
> i love watching those
> who are better than i, and i love learning from
> them.
> So what's the point of this message?  To remind each
> of us that we are a
> community.  A community is made up of different
> kinds of people, some dogs,
> a few cats, and a rabbit or two. And so are we -
> there are people on this
> list who've never lifted a bow, and people whom i'm
> terrified of because of
> the depth of their wisdom.  I'm a little concerned
> by the squabbling going
> on, because i see it coming from the same point, and
> going to the same end.
> That's a love of our sport and our art, and a
> serious state of not
> understanding those that don't share that with us.
> Since we all are in the
> former state (right?), it's kind of like a puppy
> chasing its tail. So, enjoy
> your debate, but remember that the guy you're ready
> to clobber right now is
> covering your back in the next war - and try not to
> kill him (yet!).
> We're good.  We're seriously good.  That doesn't
> mean we're perfect, and
> it's certainly a good thing to strategize together
> to improve us as
> individuals and as a community.
> So, who's making arrows?
> G
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