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Lothar Wildehaer rampanthare at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 4 13:09:16 PST 2002

Ok I'm going to my two cents in.  These are my
opinions only and not those of anyone else.

First I have a teenager so I know how teenagers act
and fellas I would have thought better of members of
the highest archery orders in our kingdom.  But no I
have been treated to he said/ he said.  "You hurt my
feelings."  "Mommy so and so called me a bad name"
Imagine what you would say if you heard kids talking
like this. If this wasn't my husbands list I'd have
removed myself today.

It saddens me to see the archery community tearing
itself apart over what's more important.  I have felt
that this community in the Kingdom was one of the best
because we didn't look down our noses at anybody brave
enough to take up a bow and stand on the line.  Maybe
you mature members have forgotten how it feels to
stand there and watch someone like Don Sebastian shoot
right beside you.  Or to have someone like Willem or
Andrew or Ironwrym or several others I can mention
give you advise when your knees are shaking under your

I have told many people that no other area was a will
to accept differences than the archers.  We welcome
anyone with an interest in the bow. We take the time
to teach.  We share what we have.

 Are Royal Rounds and fun shoots better or worse than
IKAC and ICKAC's?  NO everyone has their own comfort
level and mine isn't competing against someone score
350 right now.

Maybe Ansteorran Archers are still to "young" to
compete on the world stage.  I would think it is more
important to show up as having an average than to
win,place or show.  So what if our average is 150 or
whatever we have a pool of say 100 archers to pull
that average from not four or five who always get the
top spots.

Roana FitzStephen
Rabble Rousing Archer, Combat Archer, Royal Round
Archer, IKAC Archer, Fun Shoot Archer, Archery MOM!

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