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Well, here is the verbage of the AM.  "There shall exist in Ansteorra an
Order unto which the Crown shall select persons who have distinguished
themselves by their excellence with the bow and crossbow, by their service
to those who pursue excellence in archery, in the making of archery
equipment, by their exemplary conduct, and who have shown a consistent
respect for the laws and customs of Ansteorra."

Please notice the word "excellence".

Who said anything about having to have a BRASS HAT?  Sad fact of life here
folks, and I know to some it won't matter; however, just as with Rapier, and
Chivalric if you aren't really good at it, you know like a Don or a
Centurian, you won't get an AM.

The Crown knows about the IKAC/IKCAC, and They ask about folks scores, they
can even look them up on line.  Why?  It's a measureable yard stick of
performance.  It's also why it took so long to get an award because there
were so few names on it.  Now the Keeper shows all the archers that will

While I can't vouch for the number of times some of the scores were shot to
get their current Kingdom high, I can for some.
IKCAC 1st place--HL Roger--302--only once.
IKCAC 2nd place--Don Sebastian--270--only once.
IKCAC 3rd place--HL Gilli--152--only once.
Open XBow 2nd place--HL Roger--224--only once.
Period Bow 1st place--Don Sebastian--200--twice.
Period Bow 2nd place--Ld. Robert--184--only once.

You don't get this good over night or in one afternoon.  Something else to
concider: in ten years you will be ten years older, but will your shooting
be ten years better?

WE wanted an archery award.  WE wanted to be concidered like the Dons and
Centurians.  Now WE have to live up to that level.

Or NOT!!  That's up to the indiviual.

Now, if I was the powerful leader as mentioned, this WHOLE thread wouldn't
be taking place because we'd already be doing it.

But, I like what the man said, "Shut up and train!".  But hey!! This a
volunteer organization.


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Dewart, Charles R. --G3 Contractor (Anteon Corp)
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>But let me point out something that, I guess, has gone unnoticed.

HL Fearghus--does IKAC and IKCAC and is good at them.
HL Gilli--does IKAC and IKCAC and is good at them.
Don Sebastian--does IKAC and IKCAC and is good at them.
HL Plachoya--does IKAC and IKCAC and is good at them.
HE Octavia--doesn't do IKAC or IKCAC; however is one of the top rated combat
archers in the Known World.
HL William--does IKAC and is good at it.

>Not giving away any secret hand shakes or any thing here, but, can we see a
pattern starting to happen here?  Could just be coincidence, I guess.

ok, I thought that a " kingdom level award " was given for things like
advanced knowledge about a specialty, advanced skill in a specialty, the
willingness and ability to teach others this advanced knowledge and or
skill, as well as acting in an honorable / chivalric manner both on and off
of the field of endeavor..

unfortunately the above listing seems to imply that if you don't choose to
shoot IKAC OR IKCAC OR HAVE A BRASS HAT , you will never " QUALIFY" for a
kingdom level award in archery....

I have been reading this list for quite a while now , even though mundane
work prevents me from playing much anymore.
and I believe that those archers on gilli's list are also very knowledgeable
and honorable .
and that the implication is due only to his impassioned arguments in favor
thereby causing a breakdown in communication skills.

also , to LADY GERITA ,
><Sigh>  Alright, Timothy, you win.  But I must insist upon the civil tongue
bit - bitter tones take longer to forget and the marks of hurtful words heal


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