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David Ruff dmruff1 at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 7 02:51:43 PST 2002

> My momma use to
> say, "In the amount of time
> you've been arguing about it, you could've had it
> done already."

Sure we didn't have the same mom? :P

I was too in the military, i know what is ment by the
words, but we are not in a military organization. Its
a step up organization and those type of words will
run people off real fast, because the game is no
longer fun. Gilli, I truely understand why you said
what you did and why you choose the words you did in
the very first emails. I CAN NOT say i agree, but i
understand, call it "agreeing to disagree" - again,
see military, the same type of words kept me alive.
BUT People respond better to honey better then they do
vinagar when they are in a game aspect.

Yes, i too, have been point blank asked - so your in
it for the awards huh? 9 times out of the 15 or so
were friends just picking on me, the others were not,
and yes, they were hurtful words. Yes, i love the
awards and a recognition for a job well done, yes i
treasure the awards and every one i wear proudly.

But no, i am not one that will flaunt how good i am (i
do not think i am, and i have a way to go before i
think i am ok) i am not in it for the award or the
prizes and i believe anyone that does excell in this
game should take only one view (yes i will prolly
ruffle feathers if i have not already) teach, teach
teach, only after that - stand tall - walk softly and
carry a big stick. It is my belief that no matter how
good you think you are, there is ALWAYS someone out
there better and they WILL find you! and its usually,
at the most inoportune time.

As far as the close nit community goes, that truely is
a easy problem to solve. Its communication, its
working together and its tolerance. Life is to damn
short for ill feelings, politics and who did what to
whom last week. Make a plan, gather your forces,
believe in who you are and go for it... I am sure you
and everyone else on this thread can solve the problem
if and olny if people would just take that view for 24
hours out of the month we play together.

Everyone has there comfort zone, everyone has their
perfect dream and day, tolerance begins when you, me
and mary jo bob say "hey you know what, i am glad you
are out here". That is ALL that needs to be said. From
there we police eachother - if the release is clean or
if the bow is cockeyed or (insert problem and helpful
teaching here) People will advance if they want to,
those that do not or can not are not any better or
worse then the champions we are truely blessed to have
on our side.


Ulrich of Carolingia

--- "Dewart, Charles R. --G3 Contractor (Anteon Corp)"
<Charles.Dewart at hood.army.mil> wrote:
> You are right about the awards.  Some folks do
> things to get the awards.
> Others get the awards because they do things.
> Forunately or not, depending
> on your veiw of things, if you do the work, the
> award will find you.
> However, the sad part is, if you do the work, some
> will say that you're just
> trying to get an award.  But that's another
> discussion.
> Lots of folks do Rapier.  The serious ones become
> Dons and Donnas.
> Lots of folks fight heavy weapons.  The Serious ones
> become Centurions and
> Knights.
> Does it mean that if you shoot the IKAC or IKCAC or
> Wintershoot, you'll
> become an AM?  No!  But, if you're good at it, it
> will sure help.
> A tight nit community would be nice.  However; we
> can't even agree on how to
> fix a known problem when we identify it.  Please
> recall the discussion about
> walk ups to the range.  Great ideas like the
> Archer's flight appear to be
> just too much effort for folks to do.
> I still like the "shut up and train".  It's like
> "Deeds Not Words" moto of
> an Infantry battalion I was in.  My momma use to
> say, "In the amount of time
> you've been arguing about it, you could've had it
> done already."
> Gilli
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> I can agree, shooting a 230 high for 2002 in open
> Xbow
> isn't something that can be done overnight. For me
> it
> took 9 months, but theres alot of other training
> that
> helped that along.
> But, i don't think it should be about the award(s)
> and
> the way i am reading is: it is about the award(s).
> Everyone has a comfortable zone, everyone has
> desires
> of where they want to go with being an archer, some
> like to push the envelope, others are just happy
> getting an arrow or bolt down range. I think the
> focus
> should be as a tight nit community of archers, ones
> that respect what the other wants to do, or how they
> want to play. Just my two cents. It is a volenteer
> group, "shut up and train" doesn't belong in a
> volenteer group - whether martial arts, or archery.
> Ulrich
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