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Thought you all might like this.

Shoot more arrows.  You're bound to hit something.
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> > Arrows were part of the levy.  Often the parts were made in seperate
> > villages and assembled in another village.... One group or village might
> > provide the cut fletches, another the shafts, another the arrow
> heads...they
> > then went into "storage" at a stronghold or armory to be drawn out as
> > by the troops.
> >
> > While some archers may have made thier own arrows, most did not...it was
> > more a cottage industry.
> >
> > Rupert
> Here's an outtake from a book you all may wish to look up:
> The Royal Forests of Medieval England by Charles R. Young
> Pg.54: "The warden had the general responsibility for administering the
> forest law...
> many specific duties... protecting the venison... to arrest and place in
> safekeeping anyone found breaking the law... " etc.
> "The warden also collected rents, other payments due to the king, ... and
> amercements (fines)."
> "More specific duties including supplying the deer with sufficient food in
> the winter, managing the slaughter and preparation of venison for the king
> and court, supervising the manufacture of arrows..."
> If you've ever wondered what really went on in the forests, parks, and
> warrens back then, this is one serious piece of information.
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> Ian Gourdon of Glen Awe
> OP, Midrealm Forester
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