[Ansteorra-archery] Royal Huntsman tourney

Jennifer Shipman djshipman at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 5 22:27:04 PST 2002

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Good Gentles:

We have approval from Their Highnesses to hold their royal huntsman tourney at Three Kings!  Here are all the last minute details I have:

1)  There will be an archer's duel included.  You will need a mask or helm as well as a combat legal bow.  If your regular bow is not combat legal, you will be allowed to switch bows for this round ONLY.  If one or both archers in the duel is wearing a chivalric helm, then the arrows used by both archers MUST have APD's (there will be loaners available).  If both archers are wearing masks, then rapier legal arrows (modified Markland only with no APD) may be used.  I also recommend a glove on your bow hand to prevent injury from the APD's.

2)  If luck holds, the tourney should be held at a time that will not conflict with shooting combat in the battles.  This has been a top priority from the start. Unfortunately, I do not have the schedule yet.  If I get it before Friday, I will post it.  Otherwise, I will find out Saturday like everyone else.

Keep you fingers crossed for good weather on Saturday!

In service,
Moreg Cochrane
Royal Huntsman


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